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Topics scheduled.

  • History of focus
  • Technologies based on the laser focus
  • Light ray and wave
  • The focus of coherent light and incoherent light
  • Scalar theory
  • Vector theory and polarization
  • Pupil and focal
  • Emission, scattering and NA, WD solid angle and sensitivity
  • Type of microscope objective lenses
  • Aberration chromatic aberration.
  • Fresnel lens
  • The size of focal spot
  • PSF
  • Focal depth
  • Factors deteriorating focal spot
  • Strehl Ratio
  • Laser damage threshold and intensity, the density of the intensity
  • Coming soon
  • Pupil function engineering and adaptive optics
  • The spatial resolution of confocal microscope
  • Throughput depending on the size of the confocal pinhole
  • Laser focal profiler
  • Poynting Vector around the focal spot formed by a high-NA lens