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Insight is a software which handles hyperspectral images, two-dimensional images and spectra, measured by spectroscopy and microscopy instruments.
These data often have microscope pictures with their measurement location data as meta data which are shown together. Insight has a lot of functions to display, process and analyze them such as overlay display of translucent data over the microscope image.

Thickness (mm)
Fig. :Three kinds of data ( Spectra, a two-dimensional images and a hyperspectral image)


  • Three kinds of data; hyperspectral images (.ssi), two-dimensional images (.smi) and spectra (.ssg)
  • Flexible export/import between different format data.
  • Integrated interface for all kinds of data format.
  • Single window with tab-page system handles a variety of data easily.
  • File explorer system makes it easy and quick to access any opened data.
  • A lot of spectra are store in one data (.ssi)
  • A lot of two- images are store in one data (.smi)
  • Intuitive creation of spectrum image in a hyper-spectral image. (.ssi)


Spetrum [.ssg (scienceedge spectra graph) format]

  • Plural spectra are handled in one data. Their visibility are controlled individually.
  • Measurement location can be recognized on microscope images.
  • Arithmetic operations between spectra. (+ − × ÷)
  • Save as text data.
  • Flexible and easy export/import between data
  • Others

Thickness (mm)
Fig.: Spectra Data

Two dimensional images [.smi (scienceedge multi-image) format]

  • Export images
  • Contrast Adjustment
  • Translucent overlay images on a microscope image
  • Others

Thickness (mm)
Fig.:Image Data

Hyperspectral images [.ssi (scienceedge spectrum-image) format]

  • Spectral images creation with intuitive selection of spectra band.
  • Spectral image creation mode: Intensity and peak area based on covell method.
  • Arithmetic operations between all spectra in a hyperspectral image and an input spectrum (+ − × ÷)
  • Export spectra to ssg data.
  • Contrast adjustment of spectral image.
  • Translucent overlay of a spectral image on a microscope image
  • Others

Thickness (mm)
Fig.:Hyperspectral image data


  • Data handle with a file explorere
  • Displaying a microscope image
  • Displaying meta data such as measurement condition
  • Save and open data
  • Dispay version window


  • Raman spectroscoy, Infrared Spectroscopy, reflection spectroscopy , absorption spectroscopy, and reflection spectroscopy
  • Confocal microsocpe, Confocal fluorescence microscope, laser scanning micorscope and SHG microscope
  • Raman miroscope, IR microscope, White-light spectroscopic microscope, LIBS microscope


  • Operating environment: Windows 10 64bit OS
  • Version: V.1.4
  • License: Permanent license with a USB dongle.
  • Deliverable:  An installation DVD, a USB dongle


2020/12/14 : Ver 1.4.8 was released.
  • Context menu for spectral range Setting in graph for SSI data is added.

2020/11/19 : Ver 1.4.7 was released.
  • Psuedo color expression for SSI data/SMI data.

2020/10/01 : Ver 1.4.6 was released.


Q1. Can spectra and hyperspectra data be handled wihtout a microsocpe picture as meta-data?

A1. Yes.