Our Mission

Create breakthrough optical technology products by pursuing science, diving deep into user requirements, and unleashing our ideas.
This is our mission, and we believe it is the action principle for the further advancement of science.

In order to fulfill this mission, it is essential for researchers, engineers and marketers of varying backgrounds to come together and fully demonstrate their technological capabilities and inspirations. For this reason, ScienceEdge aims to foster a free and open culture, and create an environment conducive to creativity and teamwork that is both flexible and powerful.

We believe that ideas come from individuals and that originality is based on individual differences. As such, we respect and support each individual, and work to create opportunities and the stimulation required for individuals to develop their individuality. It goes without saying that individual actions and energies form the driving force behind all of us.

All of our customers are engaged in research and development in a variety of fields, including new materials, components and devices, as well as measurement and analytical technologies. Our ultimate goal is to make a contribution to their activities that exceeds expectations through our range of refined and innovative products and ideas. It is our dream that exceeding expectations will give life to the seeds of new science and bigger and better things in the future.

In order to carry out our mission, ScienceEdge will strive to contribute to society by sharpening and refining the optical technologies centered on laser microscopes and spectroscopic technologies that we have developed so far.