Message from the CEO


During my transition from the Department of Physics at Osaka University's Faculty of Science to the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, I had many friends majoring in biology. At that time, we often discussed the topic of self-organization, which I found fascinating. One day, a friend introduced me to a chemical reaction called the Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction. I was amazed to see a solution that would normally uniformly mix spontaneously forming periodic patterns.

During my graduate school years, I joined a recently established student start-up called Leave a Nest and was involved in producing experimental workshops for children. I had the opportunity to organize an experiment workshop on environmental hormones using medaka fish. For the group of four high school students I was responsible for, I created an original text introducing self-organization, prepared a video showing the BZ reaction, and enthusiastically conveyed its fascination. As a result, they were genuinely surprised, as I had intended. After the workshop, they excitedly shared their feedback with glowing expressions, and the evaluation in the questionnaire was perfect. I vividly remember my peers saying, "You've achieved perfection."

Although this workshop wasn't the initial experience, looking back, I've always approached my work with the desire to surprise the audience. Whether it's a product, an exhibition, or a website, I strive to create something unseen elsewhere, aiming to evoke amazement.

The phrase "meet customer expectations" is commonly heard, but meeting expectations only provides satisfaction within the customer's anticipated value. To truly surprise the customer, one must offer something beyond their expectations. Meeting expectations is insufficient; one must surpass them.

In contrast to satisfaction, amazement has the power to stir the heart. Experiences that stir the heart become unforgettable memories. Products that stir the heart become cherished brands essential to a person's work and life. "Amazement" can sometimes even change a person's life.

What ScienceEdge aims for is to develop products that bring about the kind of "amazement" that stirs the hearts of scientists and engineers worldwide.

Seeing the previously unseen—
Measuring physical properties that no one else could—
Completing analyses that took vast amounts of time in an instant—

We strive to deliver moments in the research journey that can be considered highlights, contributing as much as possible to the further development of science.

We sincerely ask for your continued guidance and support.

Thank you.

January 2024
Tomoya Uchiyama